How to Resolve Issue of Search Function Not Working In Outlook

Outlook is a most popular email client, which is being used all over the world for sending and receiving bulk emails in a number of organizations as wells as for personal purpose. Outlook application should be maintained and upgraded on a regular basis. In some cases, the search algorithm which is inbuilt in the MS Outlook does not work properly.  Search option is the most important feature of the Outlook application. It helps in performing a specific search according to a specified criterion.

In Outlook 2016 for Mac, sometimes a user gets ‘No results’, when he or she searches specific mail.

This technical issue can have different causes behind it. It may be that indexing of spotlight is incomplete. Or Index search of spotlight is corrupted. Sometimes profile or parent folder is in privacy tab. Whenever you find any technical issue related to Outlook 2016 Mac, you can directly connect to us and get proper assistance. We are an independent service provider of Outlook Technical support. You can all us at our Outlook technical support phone number and we will resolve all your Outlook related technical issues by phone call or live chat. We are having a complete team of highly experienced professional technicians which follow a two step unique strategy to solve your technical issues. Firstly, they understand your problem and then they provide you the best possible solution in less amount of time. We take care of your time and believe that time is precious.

Outlook Tech Support Team providing you some solutions for the ‘Outlook, Mac 2016 Search not working’. Please follow these solutions to avoid the search related issue.

Solution1. Do complete spotlight indexing. When a user creates new Outlook 2016 for Mac, if a user searches on the Outlook, spotlight indexing is not completed. In this case, ‘No Result’ is displayed. To solve this problem, the user should wait for some time and let it finish the search.

Solution2. Delete all special characters. If Outlook for Mac 2016 has special characters such as *, /, >, +, @ etc., then you should delete these characters. View profile name and change it.

Solution3. Remove the privacy tab. If in Outlook 2016, profile folder is added to privacy tab, then the spotlight will not index the location of that folder. Remove the location of the folders from the privacy tab in the spotlight and let it take its time.



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